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Procedures to Become a SpecialistGo Back

Step 1: Obtaining Bachelor degree in general medicine

Step 2: Passing the SLE exam

Saudi Licensing Exam (SLE) or 'Saudi Medical Board Exam' is a SCFHS exam for medical specialty or general practice licensing. This licensing exam is necessary for all doctors who want to practice medicine as a general practitioner or as a specialist in Saudi Arabia. The exams are different for different specialties and for general practice.

It can either be taken inside Saudi Arabia (where you need an eligibility number from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, which is a hassle) or in several countries of the world (where no eligibility requirement applies, which is great).

It is a 2 hour exam taken on the computer, with 70 multiple choice questions. It is considered an easy exam to pass but getting high marks needs more work. This exam counts when you apply for jobs in Saudi Arabai. An organisation called Prometric arranges this exam inside as well as outside of Saudi Arabia. Prometric is a provider of testing and assessment skills. It also hold other exams for different institutions all over the world, one other example is the online USMLE exam.

>> Some Requirements

  1. Obtaining Bachelor Degree of Medicine

  2. Testing within the Saudi Arabia, you need to obtain an eligibility number from SCFH

  3. Paying $80 for the exam

  4. Schedule an appointment: booking online or call the Customer Service Team

  5. Confirm the test centers in Saudi Arabia

>> Procedure to apply for SLE exam

  1. Submitting your credentials (the minimum of requirement is Bachelor Degree of Medicine) to Health Authority office

  2. After submitting, getting an eligibility number and exam date (if you want to change the date, you should contact Saudi Commission for Health Specialties)

  3. Getting the exam location. You should check the following link to locate your nearest test centre.

  4. Registering for the test. You must enter the number and issuing country of either your current Passport or Government Issued ID Card.

  5. Receiving an email confirmation. After your registration has been successfully made, you will receive an email confirmation.

Step 3: Attending the residency program

After getting accepted into the specialty, one has to get sponsored by a hospital to pay the specialty fees, or you can pay them by yourself. Getting the sponsor is a contract, in which you agree on working for that hospital during and after the residency program and you get your residency fees paid and a monthly salary.

Step4: When you’re done with the residency program and get the board, you can become a specialist.

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