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  • Permanent registration:
    A medical practitioner desirous of being engaged in modern medical profession permanently shall be required to make an application to the Council for permanent registration.

  • Temporary registration:
    A Nepalese citizen who has acquired basic educational qualification and completed pre-registration training or internship or house job as prescribed by the Council may make an application to the Council for temporary registration.

  • Provisional registration:
    Even where a person has not already completed pre-registration training, internship or house job as prescribed by the Council after having acquired qualification as prescribed by the Council, such person shall be required to register the name registered in the Provisional registration book of the Council. Provisional registration holder shall be entitled to work only in the place specified by the Council.

  • Specialist registration:
    A person who is registered permanently in the Council under this Regulation shall be registered as specialist in the Council only if he has obtained the qualification as prescribed by the Council.

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